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Re: 2.1.9 changelog so far

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:14 pm
by [FL]Blindman
Dragon wrote:For example my forcecvar file from N!tmod:
forcecvar snaps 20
sv_cvar cg_fov IN 90 120
forcecvar r_ambientScale 0.5
sv_cvar rate IN 25000 45000
forcecvar cl_maxpackets 100

forcecvar r_colorMipLevels 0
forcecvar r_drawentities 1
forcecvar r_drawworld 1
forcecvar r_lightmap 0
forcecvar r_showmodelbounds 0
forcecvar r_wolffog 0
forcecvar r_primitives 0
forcecvar cl_freelook 1
forcecvar cl_pitchspeed 0
forcecvar cl_yawspeed 0
forcecvar cl_timenudge 0
forcecvar r_zfar 0
forcecvar r_showtris 0
forcecvar r_znear 3
Two most important things: maxpackets and rate.
never cared for forced cvars. because if one person is ok with those settings, it doesn't follow that everyone is. I know the argument that it makes an even playing field, but it isn't worth the trade off.

Re: 2.1.9 changelog so far

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:38 pm
by Adikus
Nice job but can you add lua for jaymod ??:S.

I'm waiting for it hmmm. 1-2 years when you in proposition added message "In next version I will add it (lua)" :].

Regard Adikus.