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.eG jaymod 1hs=kill server

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:24 pm
by ats
Jaymode server where 1HS kills. :twisted: :twisted:
IP: or

Last uptades:
*) Changed muzzle flash to a smaller (realistic) one.
*) Added a soundpack to the game.
*) Spawn time for both teams is 8sec now (was 15 before)
*) 1 headshot kills!!
*) g_speed increased from 320 to 330. This means you will run, shoot and do everything faster :)
*) Removed doublejump, because the game is totally pointless with increased speed and dj.
You could trickjump from one side of the map to another with few jumps :P
*) Reworked the limbo menu.