|XRF|| Recruting (Visit our server)

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|XRF|| Recruting (Visit our server)

Post by K33L3R » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:46 am

Server Ip :
website/forum : http://www.xrf.clanservers.com
XFIRE :- k33l3r

all ET lovers
I am K33L3R Head supreme of XRF clan
We are recruting
currently we have 1 server (in next month we are hoping to have one more server plus scrim server)
This is new clan and i need very friendly, helpful, active, mature member to join me clan

It s new clan so you only need to have 500-1000xp (this will go up as clan get bigger)
i Run jay mod 2.1.7 on ET 2.55
we have 30 plyers SLOT
This server is located in California, USA
Very friendly admin who is always ready to help you with any kind of problem
Please visit our server i am 100% sure you will have pleasent experience and would love to keep coming bak
and IF you are looking to be part of my clan. Just let us know on server or PM me on forum (|x*RF|K33lER) this is my forum name i am always ready to help n i welcome each n every one to my clan

Please visit n try to be part of my clan. i can assure you this clan is going to one of the bestest clan in short time and i ll make sure you have supreb time plying in my server (n if you have suggation plus let us we liten every ones this is not my clan this is OUR clan clan
i hope to see you soon

AND IF ANY OTHER SERVER WANTS TO JOIN XRF THEY ARE WELCOME add me on xfire we can talks more about it in detail over there
xfire :- k33l3r

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