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Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:18 am
by SlayerXE


-=Slayfest=- is a LAN and Gaming Community based in Michigan. We are not a clan but we may create one if our community starts to grow. WolfET is our favorite game. We are looking for players to help populate our server. We are absolutely sick of the admin abuse on most other servers.We will NEVER have custom menu's or Soundpacks.

Port: 27960
Admins: Slayer, Impaler, and Nvader.
Server Host:
Location: Chicago
ET Version: 2.60b
Mod: Jaymod 2.1.7 - Documentation
Public Slots: 20
Private Slots: 4
Maps: Oasis, MLB-Temple, Battery, Goldrush, MLB-Egypt, Radar, Railgun, Caen2, Fuel Dump, and Venice.

Double Jump DISABLED
XPSave for 7 days
7000xp Reset

Required Downloads: slayfest_campaigns_v01.pk3, jaymod 2.1.7, MLB-Temple, MLB-Egypt, Caen2, and Venice.

They will download automatically upon connecting to the server. We will NEVER have custom menu's or Soundpacks.

How-To Connect: Look for -=Slayfest=- JM XPSAVE in the server browser or type the following into the console by clicking ~ after you launch wolfet.

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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is FREE so go get it and install it using my Easy How-To guide.

We have scheduled play every Tuesday around 10pm-Midnight EST. Our forums have all the posted events. If your interested in scheduling an event please join our forums and create a thread. I'm sure we can meet you online.

Thank You for your consideration.

Information Updated 3/25/2010