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.:Bd|. Clan --Server--Homepage--TS3-->Recruiting<--

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:22 pm
by .:Bd|.MaDSin
.:Bd|.NewDoGs Clan --Server--Homepage--TS3-->Recruiting<--

Hay mates, here I want to present our Clan 'Barking Dogs' .
We are a really new Clan with friendly staff...we need just MEMBERS

We got nice mods and sounds at our server...

.: We are the DoGs of ET :.

.: We play for Fun and Rating :.

.: We are Recruiting :.

.: Cheaters,Whores and Hoppers are NOT welcome :.

.: Required age is 14 :.

.:Teamspeak III:

-Jaymod 2.1.10 /enhmod 1.09d
-faster Gameplay

So if you are interested, just visit our Clanpage--> <-- and leave a comment in our Shoutbox we will recruit nearly everyone

If you are German, waay Staff too, but we accept every country
Thanks for reading

.:Bd|. Staff

ty MaDSin