#AxE Clan rides Again!

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Server n00b
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#AxE Clan rides Again!

Post by Dookie » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:18 pm

Server Info:

Server IP:

Server settings:

Double Jump: OFF
Punkbuster: OFF
Server Location: Netherlands,Amstredam
FriendlyFire: OFF
BalancedTeams: ON
Maps: Oasis,Supplydepot2,Venice,Fueldump,Frostbite,Caen2,Adlernest,Sntach3,Goldrush(we are always upading maps)
Slots: 20
Gametype: Objective
XPsave: Forever
Shotgun: Enabled
Adrenaline: Disabled
Throwing Knifes: Enabled

Server Rules:

1.No Swearing
2.No Cheating
3.No SpawnKilling
4.Respect Admins and Players


We are recruiting!
If you wanna join,3k xp and make application on our forums!
Our forums: http://www.axe-clan.tk
Server links:

2.55+ is installed on server so people with all versions of Wolfenstein are able to connect!

Cya on server :)

Server n00b
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Re: #AxE Clan rides Again!

Post by yishayy8 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:21 am

hehe we meet again dookie

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