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Error: CG_RegisterPlayerClasses

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:18 pm
by jkildu
Uninstalled w:et and deleted the folder. Fresh installed w:et and patch 2.60b. Go to join my server and get this garbage:

in the console it says:
Error: characters/temperate/axis/soldier.char, line 16 'undress model'

in the other screen it says:
Error: CG_RegisterPlayerClasses: failed to load charater file 'characters/temperate/axis/soldier.char
for the axis soldier.

server is running jaymod 2.2.0 with omnibot 0.81 (linux)

weird thing is if i join another jaymod 2.2.0 server it loads fine and i can play no problems then and only then can i do a /reconnect to my server and load in just fine.

also I removed all the custom maps from the server so its just a vanilla server now with the jaymod 2.2.0, omnibot 0.81, patch 2.60b and punkbuster. I have looked at numerous forums and they all say just delete the jaymod folder and rejoin. Let me tell you my friends this does NOT work!! I have even tried to get jaymod 2.2.0 from various sites that does not work either.

If ANYBODY has found a solution for this then you are the most amazing person in wolfenstein ET world.