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Can't get this one SoundFile to Play in W:ET

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:23 am
by the_devil_hunter
Yea I know, this mainly points to W:ET and not Jaymod, But I run a jaymod server w/ bots to Practice on. Anyhow, I tried converting it to 22 khz Mono, and its already a WAV file. I opened the file using XMPlayer, and Even in Windows Explorer Properties, It says its 22khz Mono.

I tried converting it with NCH WavePad, and it still don't play in W:ET, nor when I call it up via the Menu I made in my own Soundpack. So what is up?

Here is the file in Question - Click Here

I was thinking of finding the Episode of South Park, where this soundbit is from but, It would be too much working getting the timing right. That and I don't have net at my home.