Using custom skin/sounds/maps with Jaymod

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Using custom skin/sounds/maps with Jaymod

Post by jaybird » Sun Jul 31, 2005 7:21 pm

One of the nicer aspects about ET (and about the way most FPS games are nowadays) are their customability. You can use different modifications, maps, sounds, and graphics if you choose to. This will help you decide how to use these different things with Jaymod.

Pure Servers
First of all, make sure you have the "sv_pure" cvar set to 1. Leaving this at 0 is unadvisable and could lead to different hacks being able to join your server easily. This command makes the ET engine check all the files the client is using and disallows files that do not exist on the server. You should only leave this set to 0 if you are developing a map, mod, or something similar where it is only you and a helper or two playing. Do not leave this at 0 on a "production" server!

Simply put, you can only use one mod at a time. Keep in mind though that there is a difference between a mod and a log parser (such as etadmin mod). Those can coexist.

Sound Packs
You can use sound packs with Jaymod. The choice you can make is whether they are a required download and use or an optional one. Most will support this behavior. If you want players to be able to use the pack but not be required to use it (and have to download it elsewhere, i.e. the server's website), place it in the etmain directory (assuming you did a correct install and installed Jaymod elsewhere). The server will not reference the file and not require the download, but since it resides in the etmain directory, it will mark it pure and allow its use. If, on the other hand, you want to require the download, place it in Jaymod's directory. All clients will have to download it to connect.

Skin Packs
Skin packs work a little differently in Jaymod than they do other mods. The hitbox code Jaymod uses automatically loads the the model in use to track the real head hitbox for the animation. Therefore, any skin pack that resides in the jaymod directory or etmain directory will be required to download. If you do not want everyone to use the pack, simply do not use it.

Skin Packs
Maps work the same as sound packs. If you place them in the etmain directory, they are not required to download until the map is actually loaded on the server. At the start of the map, if the client does not have the map, they will download before being able to play.

Updated 07/31/05.