Censoring without muting

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Censoring without muting

Post by Pedro-NF » Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:30 am

There's a player on my server that started using a config with some script that writes in the chat area every time he changes weapons, reloads or goes to the limbo screen:

Main Weapon#

I just wanted to filter those words without muting him, so I made a censor.cb file with the words and uploaded it to the jaymod folder, set g_censor to 1 and g_censorpenalty to 0 in the config and restarted the server, but the words are not being filtered.

I don't use Jaymod's admin system (to avoid possible conflicts with ETAdmin commands and because I'm accustomed to using ETAdmin) and so g_admin is set to 0 and I didn't call a !dbload. Could that be the problem? I was assuming that just restarting the server would load censor.db and having the censoring CVAR's set would suffice. Or does the censoring system needs a penalty and so can't be used just for filtering the words?

ET 2.60b and jaymod-20080125-2.1.8, of course.

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