weapon reload

Any questions regarding getting Jaymod running.
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weapon reload

Post by boxcar » Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:36 am

Was wondering why coverts sniper rifle cannot be reloaded until empty. What setting will allow reload in mid clip?


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Re: weapon reload

Post by MickyP » Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:41 am

Is this only with allies?

If so look at the bit I have highlighting in blue & add to your server config

  • Name
    g_weapons — set bitflags for various weapons behavior

    g_weapons [flags]

    Table 13.36. g_weapons Flags

    1 Field-Ops with level 0 battle-sense do not spawn with binoculars
    2 syringes function underwater
    4 pliers function underwater
    8 "Too many air strikes requested" will restore used charge bar
    16 "Too many air strikes requested" will restore half of used charge bar
    32 ammo packs restore a lost helmet
    64 players with binoculars drop them upon death
    128 allies reload rifles mid-clip to match corresponding axis ability
    256 enable throwing knives
    512 enable poison throwing knives
    1024 enable Winchester M97 (shotgun)
    2048 disable adrenaline
    4096 enable Molotov-Cocktails

    g_weapons 0

    g_weapons sets bitflags for various weapons behavior.

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