New Installation

Any questions regarding getting Jaymod running.
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New Installation

Post by freestyler » Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:23 am

Hi everybody,

Ok well first I would like to say apologises if this issue has been bought up before loads of times, tried to search it first I swear :P

Anyway I'm new to this whole server game so bear with me, I just followed through the documentation and V dawgs wonderful guide but when I try to connect I get the 'Awaiting Connection 1..2...3..'

In V dawgs guide it says that if the maprotation isn't correct is causes this. I have the maproation.cfg in the etmain folder. And have uploaded the additionaly map added: caen.pk3 to the etmain folder.


set d1 "set g_gametype 2 ; map caen ; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "set g_gametype 2 ; map battery ; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "set g_gametype 2 ; map fueldump ; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "set g_gametype 2 ; map oasis ; set nextmap vstr d5"
set d5 "set g_gametype 2 ; map goldrush ; set nextmap vstr d6"
set d6 "set g_gametype 2 ; map radar ; set nextmap vstr d7"
set d7 "set g_gametype 2 ; map railgun ; set nextmap vstr d1"
vstr d1

and I have made sure that it is being executed in the start command line:

\...\ETDED.exe +set com_hunkmegs 128 +set fs_game jaymod +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec server.cfg +exec maprotation.cfg

Any help would be great

Thanks! :)

P.S. Saw alot of posts about routers and port forwarding etc but this is a server hosted for me by another company does this apply to me?

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