Need help installing enhmod

Any questions regarding getting Jaymod running.
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Need help installing enhmod

Post by K33L3R » Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:12 pm

Hello all

i have found this enhmod
it s not actually mod it s add on
so simply we can use it with jay mod

i need help installing if any one can help

here is the link for the enmod

here is the steps by steps how to install but styll i am confused how to do please some one help

i run 2.1.7 jay mod
Operating System: Linux
on ET 2.55

my xfire is :- k33l3r feel free to add me


- Copy the /jaymod*.* binaries(zip file) in your [server]/jaymod path(probably overwrite).

- Copy the /ModEnhConfig.xml config file(zip file) in your [server]/jaymod path(changed path since 1.0.3) containing the mod files. Done!

- With RCON you can setup the admin, otherwise no one have rights(included yourself).
Example: "!setlevel ETPlayer 1002" (Full admin rights - levels are defined in "enhmod_level.db" )

- On other mods(except downloadable package from jaymod 2.1.7/2.1.8) replace the binary "" with the original "" binary from other mod .

Thats all!

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Re: Need help installing enhmod

Post by undead3 » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:24 am

what help u want in it?
steps to install it are clearly written
i don't understand where r u facing problem :o

M!ss fl0w3r Z0n3 admin


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