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Please Help with jaymod server 2.17

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:20 am
by havik_racing
Hey guys i really need some help i'm slowly learning about cfgs e.t.c but now i'm stuck

Ok so my little brother loves et so for his birthday i rented him a server, we put jaymod 2.17 on it and got omnibot working sweet

However we have no ftp access to get things uploaded to the server we have to lodge a support ticket which can take up to a week for them to do,we have access to the server config and we can restart/stop the server but thats it

ok so we eventually figured out that shrubbot doesnt work with jaymod 2.17 its something about levels.db?

we got the server running swwet but i have no idea how to set admin levels with levels.db

i tried with rcon g_admin 1 e.t.c but nothing
how do i go about getting admin levels set up? can i write something into the server config or do i need ftp access?

if i need ftp access what would i need to explain to the techhie to get it fixed? as it seems like the less information i provide them the longer it takes

basically thats about it really stuck with the admin levels,

thanks heaps for you're guys/girls help

Re: Please Help with jaymod server 2.17

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:40 am
by undead3
first of all make sure if u really don't have a ftp access
to do that download filezilla from here and install it
now in host give your server IP address
in username and password use the ones which u use for access to control panel from where u issue support ticket etc
if it isn't logging in then u don't have ftp access but mostly it works
if it doesn't then just ask them to provide u ftp access to server

by the way if u just need to give admin access then u don't need to do it through ftp
in jaymod manual search for ACL commands and read that part, u will come to know about it
u can change server's setting through rcon
just give /rcon <password> <command>
and it will execute on server
hope that helps

maybe u should also mention your server provider so if someone has bought server from there then he/she can help better

Re: Please Help with jaymod server 2.17

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:03 pm
by havik_racing
ahhh! excellent thanks for you're help mate,

The server was Through Bigpond australia, i requested ftp access to my server they declined, so i shut it down,

ok next problem i got a server through hypernia, Got it running sweet added custom maps and a couple of gun skins e.t.c

ok so i got a redirect server for my game server and so my clients cant d/l at a faster rate, ok so i put whats nescessary into ftp through redirect and put the correct commands in my jaymod/server cfg

Ok so redirect seems to work fine to for myself and my brother....but heres my problem when other clients tries to redirect them then crashes with this error

BG_IndexForString:unknown token "M97": (animations/scripts/humanbase.script,line 25)

please help its happening to everyone that connects and i really don't know what could be wrong

appreciate anyones help, i will make a new post with this error message if thats ok?