={BHC}= Black Hawk Clan |Recruiting

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={BHC}= Black Hawk Clan |Recruiting

Post by bhckayos » Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:07 pm

Hey guys kayos here from the ={BHC}= Clan.
The BHC is a new clan that has been set up, formally was known as the DSP clan now a new name.
So far we have no clan server as of yet however, recruitment is needed to be done first before the server can be baught.

We are going to be based on wolfenstein enemy territory 2.55, with jaymod 2.1.7 bots? well at the moment there has been nothing on adding bots into the server.
The clan server will have xp save, may have PB enabled...
You can find all the clan rules here:
http://blackhawkclan.forumotion.com/gen ... les-t1.htm

The clan are at the moment only looking for those that can donate, for if we do get a server we'd need donators to help keep it running. We are looking for either newbies or ex clan members or anyone that is not currently in the clan.

The clan founders:
Wh!te / Slymp

our forum:

My xfire: kayoslol

Sorry at the moment i have no other infomation to post, but if you have any questions then don't be afraid to ask. If you would like to join then you may do so, if you are able to donate then please take a visit to our clan forum and speak with slymp / wh!te

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