-SGC- Clan Is Recruiting

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-SGC- Clan Is Recruiting

Post by G*Ld# » Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:23 am


-SGC- Clan is recruiting.
What SGC means: SGC means Superior Gaming Community
How long the clan runs: Almost 3 weeks but we had some problems with servers for a couple of days so its like 2 weeks
Forums? : >>> Forums <<<
How many Servers?: We now have 2 servers. Both server are running on Jaymod 2.2.0. One is No Download and the other Trickjump server with save & load command to easily trickjump. We have plenty of maps in tj too :D . We will get more servers in the next month as long as we get much people.
Ip's of servers : NoDownload :
TrickJump :
Banners : No Download : Image

Trickjump : Image

So guys hope you join us and first of all lets all have fun :)

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